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American Assets Trust, Inc. is a dedicated steward of our community and our environment. Together with our community partners, we have developed and incorporated into our business practices innovative programs to promote environmental sustainability and social responsibility.

Environmental Sustainability

Protecting the earth’s natural resources is a top priority for American Assets Trust, Inc. In operating and developing our properties, we use proven conservation methods to reduce carbon emissions, repair environmental damage, and preserve natural resources for this and future generations. We have implemented internal sustainability guidelines developed by experts in the field of sustainability.

In addition to implementing environmentally friendly changes, in conjunction with Pacific Gas & Electric and Silicon Valley Environment Committee, members of our team presented Energy Conservation Programs and Water Conservation Programs, respectively, to other companies in the commercial real estate community and committee members.  Using the knowledge we have gained through the years in operating and developing our properties, we presented adopted systems and processes that are viable for commercial real estate.  We hope that in sharing our knowledge, our neighbors will adopt changes that have an overall positive impact on the environment.

Below are just some of our specific accomplishments aimed toward sustainability:

  • Portfolio Wide

    • Portfolio-wide LED retrofitting project at many of our office and retail properties.   The high-efficiency and extended-lifespan LED lights are controlled using smart control systems, including Building Automation System and telematics controls.  The controls automatically adjust the lighting needs according to natural sunrise and sunset schedules instead of manual timers.

    • Installation of electric vehicle charging stations at many of our properties with additional units slated to be installed.

    • Installation of ultra-water efficient fixtures and appliances.

    • Adaptive and environmentally sensitive landscaping, including drought-tolerant plants.

    • E-Waste programs, including annual free Earth Day E-Waste drive for tenants and employees.

  • First & Main – LEED Platinum Certified, the highest LEED certification rating.

  • City Center Bellevue

    • LEED Gold-EBOM Certified.

    • Implemented a construction waste diversion program.  Construction waste as a result of tenant improvement projects must be recycled or diverted, to the extent possible, away from the landfill.

    • Installed rain water collection tank for exterior landscaping.

  • Landmark – The 5th building in San Francisco to implement the Waste-to-Energy program.  The Waste-to-Energy program processes dirty HVAC filters by diverting them away from the landfill and transferring them to an off-site combustion chamber facility.  The filters are then burned at high temperatures resulting in a residual product of less than 10% of its original volume.  The heat generated from the combustion chambers heats water in steel tubes that form the walls of the combustion chamber to create steam.  The steam powers the turbine that continuously generates electricity which, in turn, is fed back into the grid.  For every 2,000 lbs. of waste, 520 kWh of electricity is generated, powering homes and businesses in Northern California. 

  • Embassy Suites at Waikiki Beach Walk – Variable Frequency Drive Motor HVAC system.

  • Lloyd District Portfolio:

    • Easy access to multiple public transportation rails.  Including on-site terminals for the Portland Streetcar and the Max Light Rail System with a direct route to Portland International Airport and other destinations throughout Portland.  The Lloyd properties are also situated at the main city access for bicycles commuting from North and East Portland.

    • Hassalo on Eighth

      • On track for LEED Platinum Certification for Homes and New Development upon completion of the project

      • Nation’s largest and first multi-family National Organic Recycling Machine (or NORM) treating 100% of the grey and black water created by each of the three residential buildings, and the Lloyd 700 Office building, amounting to approximately 47,000 gallons of wastewater diverted from the municipal sewer system daily.  NORM doesn't generate any waste of its own: bio-solids are used for fertilizer off-site, and fats, oils and greases are used for fuel off-site as well.  NORM is expected to reduce water usage for the four buildings by 50%, or approximately 7,300,000 gallons, of water per year.

      • Eco-Roofs to assist in storm water mitigation.

      • Bike Hub with over 1,000 bike stalls, plus lockers and shower facilities.

      • Food composting program for residence and office tenants.

  • California Portfolio

    • Transitioning from traditional irrigation systems to eco-friendly reclaimed irrigation systems to maintain our award winning landscaping while reducing water consumption.  Properties where established municipal lines collect and treat gray water will use the reclaimed water to irrigate our landscaping, resulting in a reduction of our fresh potable water needs.

    • Implemented one of the largest and most comprehensive recycling programs in San Diego for our entire Southern California portfolio.  Our Northern California property, Del Monte Center, implemented a comprehensive glass bottles, cans and cardboard boxes recycling program.

  • Torrey Reserve Campus:

    • Variable Frequency Drives on all Cooling Tower HVAC systems.

    • Storm Water Pollution Prevention Program.

    • GENEA – HVAC control system with an on-demand use option.   This eliminates the necessity of cooling empty buildings.

    • Energy Star Certified.

    • Parking canopy and rooftop photovoltaic systems (solar energy) generating up to 500 kWh, reducing the overall electrical consumption needs of the campus.

    • Phase III and IV of the development recycled an estimated 75% of the construction waste or approximately 90,000 SF of waste.

In addition, sustainability is a major focus of our active development project:

Torrey Point Development: The Torrey Point development, formerly known as Sorrento Pointe, has finally commenced after 17 years of entitlement efforts!    The project is situated in one of San Diego’s premier locations with panoramic views of the Torrey Pines State Park Beach and Reserve and the Pacific Ocean.  With that, our design team incorporated green elements to blend with the surrounding habitat and wetlands, all the while taking advantage of the breathtaking views.   We are committed to obtaining U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification for the buildings, including the addition of electric vehicle charging stations. 

We are proud of our accomplishments thus far and will continue our efforts to develop and retrofit sustainable properties.